Gratitude Day 1

We are Aidan (BOG) and Lisa (Mom), and we’re kicking off our joint photo blog by participating together in Lisa’s Month of Gratitude project. Hope you enjoy our photos.   Feel free to play along on your own blogs, and leave a comment to let us know about it!

As part of this first project, we will each photograph one thing we are thankful for every day.  Here is our Day 1:


About Lisa Clarke

Technical writer by day; yarn, polymer clay, and fabric aficionado by night. If it sits still long enough and looks pretty, I will photograph it. I'm married to a sci-fi editor, and am mother to two highly-entertaining teenage boys.
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3 Responses to Gratitude Day 1

  1. Ooh! Fun! I think I might have my kidlets & I do the same. Love the idea! Zoey, Pazely & I will be peeking in on your daily gratitude photos.

    • Lisa Clarke says:

      Great! There’s a flickr group for the Month of Gratitude, too, that I forgot to mention here 🙂

      • Just joined the flickr group! I decided to submit a trio of pictures in a collage-style format so I could still have the girls be a part of the group & follow the 7 photos a week rule.
        I also posted on my blog just now about it. It’s really fun that the girls are starting to get into it already, thinkin hard about what to be thankful for.

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